Fashion Forward


Simply said: My name is Bonnie and I want to open a clothing boutique in Philadelphia.  What better way to chart my progress than to blog it step by step?  This blog will follow the ups and downs, what keeps me inspired, what helps, what hurts, likes/dislikes and how am I going to finance this!!

I am going to jump right into the scariest part: Finance the Business.  Basically, I think I have a good eye for style and love clothing, consequently I want to own a boutique. So why not invest in that from the beginning? I am taking $300 and starting an online vintage boutique, Frequency Vintage.  What does it sell? Vintage items hand-picked by yours truly.

Goals of  “Frequency Vintage”
Finance a physical store front
Help specify my style niche
Help specify my client
Learn how to run an online shop
Setup an efficient way to track inventory
Setup an efficient way to track finances
Practice marketing techniques

Now, to finish this post, I have to shout out my inspiration of the day/blogging in general:    Never would I ever have started a blog without it!  Thanks Cyndi for showing how it’s done.


Oh, also, gotta share a look of the day!  This can be anything from street style to a look from Tokyo Fashion Week (like today!)  Saw this crawling through, talk about a modern vintage look:
G.V.G.V, Spring 2012


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  1. yessss! great idea with the online boutique, btdubs! the attic has one and i’ve bought several things on there! did you open it yet, or is this a coming soon thing?

  2. Here’s one book and one person that you might find helpful on your journey…

    (Book) The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and On-Line
    I’m still weighing my options before opening a store online, but this book was incredibly helpful. It helps with everything from marketing and finding your voice to learning how to price your goods. Check it out and you won’t be disappointed!

    (Person) Natalie Jost from Olive Manna
    Although Natalie sells crafty things rather than clothes, she is a wiz when it comes to running an online store. If you want advice about Etsy versus Big Cartel versus any other handmade marketplace, she’s the one to ask. She has taken her business from zero to sixty on her own and isn’t slowing down any time soon. Her shop is here ( and her blog is here (

    Good luck!

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