Look Beautiful not Boo-tiful in Black & Orange


“i wish i had anything remotely trendy enough to pull off the orange/black combo without looking hallow-lame.”

This comment on yesterday’s post inspired me to find more ways to combo orange and black without looking “hallow-lame.”  Check out the real life wicked ways these Chictopia members rocked black and orange without spooking the style out of you.

Want their style?  Here’s a break down of similar items with out breaking the bank.  Nothing over $50!!!

A. Handcut Long Dangle stained glass Earrings Seafoam Green Teal Silver Glam from Pixie Shards $18

B. ASOS Waisted Flippy Dress $26.96

C. Steve Madden Women’s Riddgge Platform Wedge Sandal $39.99

D. Forever 21Beaded Geo Clutch $27.80

Want to see more of stefschoen’s style? Check her out: www.chictopia.com/stefschoen

E.Classic Buttoned Blazer by Aryn K. $49.99

F. ASOS Boyfriend Knit Beanie $14.38

G. Vintage thermal sweatshirt J. Crew $39.50

H. black faux leather skinny stretch pants from Romeo & Juliet $44.95 

I. Michael Antonio Luelle Sandal $24.95

Want to see more of thesoundoflace’s style?  Check her out: www.chictopia.com/thesoundoflace

J. Boyfriend Blazer $39.99

K. Floppy Hat by the Gap $24.95

L. Crossover Dress $28.80

Want to see more of marcella’s style?  Check her out: www.chictopia.com/marcella


There you have it.  Your halloween treat Orange & Black, looking chic for under $50 a piece!

11/15/2011 UPDATE TO POST!!!!!!

Look, even Anna Wintour can’t resist the black and orange, oh and she tackled another so called faux pas: Tights and strappy shoes:


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  1. awesome! although the black sunhat may be a bit too witch-like for me. lol. i like the orange and grey. not quite halloween, but still halloween enough to be festive! i think i may wear a dark orange tank on monday with a black sweater and grey skirt. unless i get real ambitious and go out and buy an orange blazer. hmm…

  2. There’s definitely nothing hallow-lame about any of this! Love it! I have a pair of bright orange platforms (bought for a friend’s wedding) that I have been a little nervous to pair with black for this very reason. You prove that you can totally work this color combo!

  3. You nailed it. Black and orange can look fantabulous together until it starts looking “costume-y” as Michael Kors says. Thank you for this post!

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