Boost Blog Followers for the Beginner, like me!


It’s only been a week and a day since I started blogging (MY FIRST POST) and it has really jump started my journey to owning my own boutique.  I find that blogging daily about fashion helps me focus on where I want to be as well as inspires me to do the unfun things on my to do list. 

The big one today is learning how to get more followers on this blog, and I would like to share with you what I found.

First is a FREE tool that helps you find great keywords from your post, which will help your Search Engine Optimization(SEO).  Google Adwords gives you the option for looking for keywords on a specific blog/webpage, topic or from text.  It then lays out how competitive the keyword is in the search world.  I entered in Steps to the Shop to see what I could find.

I received a list of suggestions, many of which were obvious but I hadn’t used as tags, like “opening a boutique”, DUH!

This can help you pick and choose how you would like to be categorized and also find a niche.  Really great tool!

Wait, got to back track for a second.  The first step really should be blog, often and well.  The more you blog, the more searchable content is out there equally more blog hits.  What gets people hooked and following your is good content.  Write what you know and love, then proofread and edit.  You don’t have to write a novel everyday but the more quality posts, the better.  Mixing it up with great images as well as written content grants your blog variety and catches the eye.

I have also read that commenting and following  other blogs help boost followers, likes and comments.  This is also wonderful way to see who else is out there, and if you love what you’re blogging, a fun way to pass some time.  I have found some great blogs this past week, with some really interesting points of view (and couldn’t help but include one of my favorites of today.  See below.) 

Seeking out other fashion bloggers has helped me realize how important finding a personal blogging style is.  Setting yourself apart from the masses can be truly difficult.  I don’t fancy myself a writer by any stretch of the imagination, so this has been a struggle for me.  Clarifing my style in this blog will be great practice for owning a small business.  Gettting to the point and expressing a clear point of view and editing are essential when finding your niche and help to avoid rambling.  Ooops too late.

I have been slow to spread the word about the start of this blog since I am still trying to find my footing, but one of the best ways to gain more followers is to invite your friends and family.  You can do this by email, phone, text, or by posting on Facebook or other social media.  WordPress is makes it easy to sign up as a follower.  Simply set up the “follow blog widget” in your side bar and soon to be followers can can click, enter their email and they are all set: Click here for WordPress help on how to set up sidebar widget.

1. Good, consistent content
2. Great Key Words
3. Network with other blogs
4. Find a personal style
5. Invite family and friends (Email, word of mouth, social media, any way)
6. Setup Widget for easy following sign up

As I beginner to blogging this is a work in progress, and a great test to see if these steps work.  I will initiate the 6 steps myself and keep you posted on what works for me and what doesn’t.  Would love to hear if any of these have been more or less helpful to you or if you have anymore tips?

Oh, and here’s a pretty dress because I can’t resist draping!   Found this while surfing through other fashion blogs.  View The Style Platforms full blog on an Evening with Willow, the designer of this dress visit her blog by clicking here.


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    • Thank you. Your post has really got me thinking about package and the experience of order online. I am sure a blog post of my own about just that will be coming soon. I’ll make sure to reference you as my inspiration.

  1. personally i think it’s better to have a facebook set up for the blog than using your personal one. friends and family post pictures and comments on your personal page that you may want to keep personal, versus letting your blog followers see. get me? kind of like keeping business and pleasure separate. just my 2 cents.

  2. Love this post! I’ve been blogging for almost a month. I haven’t tried this but I’ve been using alot of other tactics that work equally well 🙂

    Thanks for the amazing tip!


    • what kind of things do you use to spread the word. I am actually finding that posting almost everyday helps and didn’t expect that would be one of the biggest promotions. I thought that’s what I would have to promote.

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