Fall Favorites: TIGHTS!


If I was stranded on a desert island and I could only bring 2 irrational items, they would be mascara and tights!  I love them.  One of the only two reasons I like it when it gets colder out(wearing scarves is the other).  So let me share some favorites I have seen:

From Left to Right:
1.Falke Color Block Tights in Blue and Black $39
2. Navajo Striped Tights $38
3. Print Leggings $28
4. Large Dogtooth Print Tights $14

AND THE BIG PIC: Black and Taupe Tie Dye – Psych Out Faux Thigh High $69
Normally, I wouldn’t spend more than $5 on tights (I have a way of snagging them before I even reach the front door), but these tights are a statement piece and totally worth the tag:  HANDMADE and MADE TO ORDER!!!  Found them in this great Etsy shop NorwegianWood.  Really rad leggings.

2 Questions of the day:
What’s your favorite way to wear tights?
Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever worn tights?

BSchmonz Answers:
1.Black tights and black shoes, with a bright-colored dresses.
2. Doubled up in freezing weather to a Canadian Football League Playoff game.  Booya!


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  1. YES! I love tights. The blue ones are totally rad. If only I could wear them or the tie dye ones to work!! I also refuse to pay that much for tights… if they lasted forever, sure, but…

    What’s your favorite way to wear tights? With dresses and boots!

    Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever worn tights? Ha – mine’s kind of similar to yours. I was spending NYE with Tim in London a few years ago, and have this thing for always dressing up (read: wearing a dress of some sort) on NYE. I was determined, but realized the day before that it was going to be FREAKING FREEZING aaaand we were going to watch the London Eye fireworks (sooo, be outside, IN the freaking freezing). I had two pair of stockings with me, both of which I wore, on top of each other, AND I bought a pair of black leggings and a black turtleneck at H&M while I was there and wore those as well… under my (sparkly) spaghetti strap minidress. You know, instead of changing my outfit to something warm. Lol.

    PS Why do they rarely make cool looking tights in control top? That really irks me!

    • Oooo, you bring up an excellent point! Cool tights no control top. One of the few draw backs of tights is some pairs fall down due to the lack of control top. I hate that! So there you go tight designers, I challange you to make some sweet stylin’ tights, snag free with control top. Thank you very much in advance.

      Also, a double thumbs up for the tights/leggings layering, but especially for the black turtle neck sparkly dress combo. Doin’ work.

  2. follow up – i got really excited when i found a pair of patterned tights this weekend with control top… until i realized they weren’t full-on tights, they only went to the ankles. i still bought them, figuring i’d wear them with boots, but what the eff? i still don’t understand why patterned tight makers won’t make tights with control top!

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