Channeling Jackie O and Placing your Vintage Label


Gonna drop a little vintage shopping tool on you: Vintage Fashion Guild is a great resource for finding out more about vintage designers and labels.

I found this Oleg Cassini dress and used the Vintage Fashion Guild to check the label for dating the piece and to learn more about Cassini.  Really love the dress and liked matching the labels for 1970s authentication.

Anyone have any other vintage label/designer resources?


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  1. I never even knew you could find out more about vintage designers and date an item of clothing! It makes sense now, but I don’t know if I would have ever thought to do it. I am not a huge vintage shopper but love the idea of recycled clothing. Plus the great thing about vintage is no one else has it!!!

    • Vintage is also a great way to get high quality pieces at a lower price. The full vintage look isn’t everyone’s style, but the dress listed is in amazing shape and is beautifully made. It will hold up forever.

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