Navajo Print Perfection


I have really been loving this trend.  Used the print in my tights post, and don’t feel satisfied.  Here are a few of my favorites for $50 and below!

This is an incredible find for $50!  One of a kind, find it here at Vurban Vintage.

$14.99!!!! Super cute.  Great for layering from

$22 at Blue Planet

$44.93 from ASOS

$28.75 from ASOS.  Something for the boys

AND a little shameless self promotion.  I love this belt, super cute, thin, beaded, stitched, amazing vintage shape, and yours for $7 at Frequency Vintage!
Not Navajo print, but definitely Boho Chic.

Have you seen any Navajo print for $50 or below?


In scanning through blogs today, I found these kick-a hats.  Seriously love these!

Okay, these are a hair outside the $50 and Below at $55 but I really think these are hip and had to share.

Thanks for the find ’bout time tae.  Check out the blog this came from.


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