What’s new at Frequency Vintage


Super Psychedelic Vintage Kay Windsor Dress $39.99!

Here’s a little Frequency Vintage update.  The shop has been up and running for a little over 2 weeks now and going well.  Made the first sale last Friday, a pair of vintage ankle boots, and drop those bad boys right into the mail.  Was very excited to get the ball rolling and have been trying hard to post all the new inventory more quickly.

Purchasing inventory has been an awesome process.  Shopping for yourself is great, but being able to shop for all sizes and shapes is a blast.  Possibilities are unlimited and I have gotten to bring some really great pieces into the inventory, many of which I will have a very hard time letting go, like the killer Kay Windsor dress above.  Such a unique standout piece.  Classic vintage cut contrasted with a funky pattern.

Beautiful and Rare Pier Giorgio Woven Bag $44.99.

I have got to share this piece with you as well.  Perfectly made in Italy, gorgeously woven, large Pier Giorgio bag.  The fantastic color and a super sturdy handle make this bag chic and very functional.  MWAH!

Drop those 2 great pieces into the $50 & below category as well.  Booooya!

Check out more pieces in the shop: FREQUENCY VINTAGE


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