HELP! Mandy needs to finish her look


“Did I do it? Did I make an outfit that looks grown up ish?” – Mandy

That was the start to the email I got the other day from my friend Mandy, with the attached picture.  She often says how she doesn’t know how to dress herself, but I disagree.  She just hasn’t found her personal style yet.  She is fun, confident and willing to try all sorts of thing which gives her a great foundation on her road to standout style.

I think this is a great start but we can really help define the look.  Here are two ways that she could add 4 things complete her casual day look.


Teal Sweater: Urban Outfitters $49

Umberella Necklace: Mod Cloth $19.99

Brown Clutch: Zappos $50

Pink Flats: Diesel $52.39


Two Tone Sweater: American Apparel $40

Red Scarf: Nordstrom $24

Black Shoulder Bag: Ickady Bag $37

Black Boots: Free People $199

So there you have it Mandy, two ways to take your look to the next level.  Help her choose which way to go:

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  1. What fun! Both are cute looks! But I voted for option 2. As the weather gets colder and the seasons change I am in love with infinity scarves and ankle boots!

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