Free Love for Great Hippie Chic Pieces


With OCCUPY everywhere I turn, I feel inspired to find fashion brought to us by vintage protesters: Hippies.  Here are some great pieces for the placard toting cost conscious fashionistas.  Everything $50 and Below!


Fringe Leather Mini Bag: $29.99 Frequency Vintage 

Fringe Scarf: $29.00 Urban Outfitters

Peacock Fringe Necklace: $25.00 Three Horses


Maxi Skirt: $39.50 Victoria Secret

Polka Dot Maxi Skirt: $22.80 Forever 21

Chiffon Maxi: $33.90 Nordstrom


Floral Infinite Scarf: $18 Nordstrom 

Flower clip: $5 The Craft Masters 

Flower Headband: $10 ASOS 

Flower Print Glasses: $14 Fred Flare 


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  1. hippiiiiies! totally, like, digging this post, man.

    you need to (not) stop posting pictures of beautiful purses i shouldn’t buy but want to. tim’s trying to make me downsize for when we move someday. on a related note, can you add some pics of that purse like on someone’s arm or something? i’d really like to see what that looks like because i maybe kind of love it.

    PS where’s the sunglasses?? everybody knows hippies wear sunglasses at all times.

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