Funky Friday: Seeing Red (and Pink) and how to match your skin tone


Wearing red and pink can make you look like a walking valentine, but when I see someone make it super chic I am like “yeah!” Know what I’m saying?

Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli is one of those cases where I thought pink and red looked killer.

BUT, this pic topped as many worst dress lists as best.  What do you think?

The hit and miss factor is what makes a true FUNKY FRIDAY.  It takes some swagger to pull it off.

I used to be afraid of wearing red and pink because I thought they would wash me out.  As it turns out, red and pink are equal opportunity colors, but you need to be aware of what shades to wear with your skin tone season.

First things first, let’s identify your skin tone:

Complexion: blue
or pink undertones
Skin: pale white, yellowish-olive, or dark
Hair: generally brunettes but sometimes natural white-blondes fall in this category
Eyes: dark colored
Other hints:  a lot of contrast between hair color, eye color and skin tone, many Asians and African Americans fall into this  category

Complexion: cool blue or pink undertones
Skin: is pale, pink, porcelain white
Hair: natural blondes, pale skin brunettes
Other hints: low level contrast between eyes and hair

Complexion: golden
Skin: ruddy with orange tones
Hair: redheads and  brunettes
Eyes:  golden brown eyes
Other hints: a lot of depth to their coloring and a spicy, earth tone quality to their hair color, eye color, and skin tone. varied coloring – ranging from golden blondes to brunettes and black hair coloring.  Red-heads, excluding very fair auburn and strawberry blondes, are usually autumns. All red-heads are autumn or spring’s. Red-headed autumns often have porcelain white or very pale skin.

Complexion: golden undertones and are usually creamy  white or peach
Hair: straw-colored or strawberry red  hair,
Skin: freckles, rosy cheeks
Eyes: blue or green eyes
Other hints:  
natural golden blondes or auburn or strawberry blonde red-heads although very fair blue/ aqua eyed brunettes are sometimes spring

NOTE: It is often difficult to discern summer from winter, and autumn from spring. Remember that winters are usually brunettes while summers natural  blondes. Springs tend to have pale eyes while autumns have dark eyes.

Now that you have determined your season, what’s the best way for you to rock red and pink?
heck out your color matches and some great pairings for $50 and below.

$34.99 Frequency Vintage 

$49.95 Michael Antonio Anderson

$42 Michael Lauren 

$27.27 ASOS 

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$30 Diesel 

 $20.99 Target

$38 Ralph Lauren 

So take a risk, get your FUNKY FRIDAY on and pair some blushing colors to make hearts throb.

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  1. i voted hot pink home run because emma stone pulls off ANYTHING. i can’t say that i would like it on anyone else… i also can’t say i wouldn’t like it on anyone else.

  2. I love this post! I recently became a redhead and it’s made finding flattering reds and pinks very difficult but this is super helpful, thanks 🙂 Also I love your shop, looking forward to seeing what else you find!

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