FYI, that stitch isn’t supposed to stay


Everyday, walking up the stairs from the El, I notice at least one women (or man) in a super cute coat BUT the stitching is left over the vent keeping it shut.  The tack stitching is put in by the factory at the vent (and sometimes the pockets) to hold shape in storage and shipping before wear.  Not to make a coat fit awkwardly.

If you are one of these ladies, chic enough to get a killer coat, but unaware that the stitch is short-term, its okay, there are many more of you.  But I  want to put it  on your radar: snip those slits and the fit will be a hit.  (ps: I’m a poet and didn’t even know it.)

Easy how to:  Tack stitching is long and easy to slide a pair of scissors under.  Simply snip and pull threads out of the fabric by hand.  Do not leave dangling from the fabric.

Set yourself free and allow yourself a longer stride.

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  1. soooo… that was me up until 2 weeks ago. lol! my MOM actually informed me that the stitch was supposed to come out. i guess i was too focused about how it looked from the front, didn’t ever even look at it from the back! now i’m wondering if i have any other coats like that…

    • There are so many girls out there looking awesome, great shoes(in your case 4″ or taller), tights, bags, COATS, head to toe awesome, but then they have the stupid little stitch which really throws off the shape of the coat. But how are we to know? Stitches are usually supposed to stay. I learned when suit shopping years ago with the hubby and the sales guy gave him a business man to business man hint.

  2. This is almost as much a pet peeve of mine as people who wear super high heels but leave the price sticker on the sole of the shoe so when you walk behind them you can totally see they got them on clearance at TJMaxx. Good for you for getting a deal, but let’s pretend you didn’t! 😀

  3. OMG this always drives me crazy when I see someone hasn’t cut the stitch out of their coat (or skirt slit)!!! I always want to sneak attack them and cut it before they notice haha!

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