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What’s new at Frequency Vintage: the oops addition


Okay, first I have to say, I did something bad.  I deleted all my illustrations that I have done for this blog.  They are gone forever =(.  Just letting you know if you were wondering why there are a ton of image gaps going back from this post.

So now the positive: Although I knew better, I wasn’t backing up images.  This is just a reminder of the importance of doing so.


Now onto the fun stuff:
new super retro accessories at Frequency Vintage,
all $50 and below.

$17.99 for these killer shades.  Really fun statement piece.

$24.99 for an extremely unique enameled vintage Mushroom Pendant Necklace. Super Psychedelic.

$16.99 for these great striped shades, super chic, wonderfully unique.

$15.99 for this delicate chain fringe vintage necklace.

I am loving all these pieces.  The shades are really getting me pumped for warmer weather.  Coming soon, more shades, more bags, and more DRESSES!!!

Must Have Monday: Treggings


I posted awhile ago about how crazy women wear leggings as pants made me.  And then I heard from a friend (she saw them while visiting the UK) that they started to make these things called treggings (trousers + leggings.)  I instantly thought “nope.”  No way, these still don’t count as pants.

BUT, then it happened, I saw them in person and got a pair myself at H&M well 2.  (They seem very hard to find except in the UK and UK online shops, so I was surprised and delighted)  In my book, they count as pants and can be warn with a top that doesn’t cover the bootay.  And, they come in all sorts of colors and styles.


$50 & Below Favorites/ones that I could find online:

$14.99 Delia’s 

$34.95 New Look 

I pride myself in offering my readers many options for online shopping, but this trend seems to be a bit hard to find.  Anyone got a good source?  I got an orange and a royal blue pair from H&M so the funky colors are out there.  Share your secrets if you have any, please.

Also, I won’t avoid the elephant in the room.  Many still qualify these treggings as leggings (not me).  So let’s put a vote out there to see where we stand on this: fashion oo la la or faux pas.

And while we are at it, anymore thoughts on leggings?

Beat the brrrrreeze


After two days of “serious” postings, I need a fashion fix. 

I really like my new winter coat, but almost didn’t buy it because it lacks a hood.  I’ve had a hooded coat forever so was always able to skip the hat and rest the hood ever so gently on my perfect braid, leaving my ears warm and no hair out of place.  Wearing the new coat today, naked ears, waiting for the El that seemed to never come, I would worn a trash bag on my head to cut the wind.  brrrrrr. 

Now that I have regained feeling in my ears,  lets take a look at some chic option that will keep out the chill and won’t undo the do for $50 and below:

$25.99 Michael Kors

$21.82 ASOS 

$24.00 Youleena Boutique

 $35.00 a Cats Nest

Okay, I admit it, the headbands may take some careful placement to avoid a day long hair disaster, but they’re so cute and worth making style choices to fit the piece!

How do you stay warm and “cool” in the winter?


Must Have Mondays: Layers


Ummm, yeah, it’s cold.  And how better to fight the chill then with great layering?  So put away those Uggs and sweats and keep it chic with these great additions.  All $50 and below.

Cable Knit over Button Down

 $45.45 ASOS

$29.90 Forever 21 

Leg Warmers over Tights

$40 Betsey Johnson 

$30 Mia Baggali

Scarves over Anything

$38 Nordstrom 

$44 the Spotted Fawn 

Hope this inspires to layer rather than lounge this winter.  Stay warm!

WAIT!  One more thing, something that has been driving me nuts.  First, I have to say that I am often wrong and make bad style choices and mistakes which is just part of taking fashion risks.  So you can choose to ignore me, obviously, but seriously ladies, leggings are not pants.  I thought the fad would fade, but I saw way too much booty this weekend to think it is true.  Big, small, short or tall, if you make the choice to wear leggings, make sure your top comes down below your cheeks (I know you think they aren’t see through but they are, I promise).  If you want to show it off, wear a tight skinny jean, or shorts with tights, anything but uncovered booty with leggings.

One more time, let’s say it together: leggings aren’t pants!

What’s New at Frequency Vintage


Frequency vintage keeps growing.  I posted 3 new items yesterday and shot a ton more.  Be on the look out for vintage leather and fur coats at FV.  But for today:

$19.99 1980’s Yellow Clutch 

$19.99  1960s Cutout Classic Pumps Size 8

$7.00 1980s Brown Twisted Belt

What’s New at Frequency Vintage


Just wanted to share a few more pieces up in the shop.  If only the wrap dress was in my size, ho hummmm.  Good news for my smaller followers though, this one of a kind piece can be yours!

1970s Floral Faux Wrap Dress $27.99 

Ladies: Belt this button down for a preppy look

Gents: Button it up for the same

Purple Button Down $9.99

And I know everyone could use a little leopard in their closet.  Vintage 1980’s belt $7.00

Funky Friday Get your NE-ON!


Super funky and fun trend: NEON.  Brighten up your dark winter days with pops of neon.  Here are some of my runway favorites:

What’s that you say?  You don’t have an extra couple grand lying around so you can glow in the dark?  No worries, with a black light and these $50 & Below pieces you too can shine on the gloomiest of winter days.

A. $39.99 Vintage Kay Windsor Dress

B. $43.99 Neon and Lace ASOS Skirt

C. $14.50 Pair of Neon Belts from Delias

D. $30.00 Dylan Stephens Mesh Tunic

E. $35.10 Brigette Bailey Striped Tank

F. 44.99 ModCloth Bayside Bombshell Dress

G. $38.00 Julie Smith Tube Jellies

H. $15.00 Vintage Wayfarer Shades

I. $22.99 Fox Rebellion Pom-pom Beanie

J.  $15.00 Topshop Animal Print Purse

K. $28.00 Rocks Paper Metal Cuff

Free Love for Great Hippie Chic Pieces


With OCCUPY everywhere I turn, I feel inspired to find fashion brought to us by vintage protesters: Hippies.  Here are some great pieces for the placard toting cost conscious fashionistas.  Everything $50 and Below!


Fringe Leather Mini Bag: $29.99 Frequency Vintage 

Fringe Scarf: $29.00 Urban Outfitters

Peacock Fringe Necklace: $25.00 Three Horses


Maxi Skirt: $39.50 Victoria Secret

Polka Dot Maxi Skirt: $22.80 Forever 21

Chiffon Maxi: $33.90 Nordstrom


Floral Infinite Scarf: $18 Nordstrom 

Flower clip: $5 The Craft Masters 

Flower Headband: $10 ASOS 

Flower Print Glasses: $14 Fred Flare 

HELP! Mandy needs to finish her look


“Did I do it? Did I make an outfit that looks grown up ish?” – Mandy

That was the start to the email I got the other day from my friend Mandy, with the attached picture.  She often says how she doesn’t know how to dress herself, but I disagree.  She just hasn’t found her personal style yet.  She is fun, confident and willing to try all sorts of thing which gives her a great foundation on her road to standout style.

I think this is a great start but we can really help define the look.  Here are two ways that she could add 4 things complete her casual day look.


Teal Sweater: Urban Outfitters $49

Umberella Necklace: Mod Cloth $19.99

Brown Clutch: Zappos $50

Pink Flats: Diesel $52.39


Two Tone Sweater: American Apparel $40

Red Scarf: Nordstrom $24

Black Shoulder Bag: Ickady Bag $37

Black Boots: Free People $199

So there you have it Mandy, two ways to take your look to the next level.  Help her choose which way to go:

What’s new at Frequency Vintage


Super Psychedelic Vintage Kay Windsor Dress $39.99!

Here’s a little Frequency Vintage update.  The shop has been up and running for a little over 2 weeks now and going well.  Made the first sale last Friday, a pair of vintage ankle boots, and drop those bad boys right into the mail.  Was very excited to get the ball rolling and have been trying hard to post all the new inventory more quickly.

Purchasing inventory has been an awesome process.  Shopping for yourself is great, but being able to shop for all sizes and shapes is a blast.  Possibilities are unlimited and I have gotten to bring some really great pieces into the inventory, many of which I will have a very hard time letting go, like the killer Kay Windsor dress above.  Such a unique standout piece.  Classic vintage cut contrasted with a funky pattern.

Beautiful and Rare Pier Giorgio Woven Bag $44.99.

I have got to share this piece with you as well.  Perfectly made in Italy, gorgeously woven, large Pier Giorgio bag.  The fantastic color and a super sturdy handle make this bag chic and very functional.  MWAH!

Drop those 2 great pieces into the $50 & below category as well.  Booooya!

Check out more pieces in the shop: FREQUENCY VINTAGE