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Turn that frown upside down!


It’s Wednesday…boo, it’s rainy…boo, warm days are far away…boo.  How can you stay positive in such gray time?  Make a list of AWESOME!  This can be great little things in your life like the endless supply of butterscotch candies at work, or a favorite song that makes you smile every time, or the obvious, your favorite accessory, duh.  Before you know it there won’t be room to squeeze anymore awesomeness on the page.  The day will look brighter and you may decide to wear your favorite colorful spring dress with tights, boots and a sweater rather than the all black frock that makes you look and feel like you’re morning for the sun.  Happy listing!

Here are some of my Etsy favorites that make me smile.

First glance you’re like “wow, nice picture of a dog and some birds, really cool.”  But then you’re like “aahhh, that’s awesome, I get it!  It’s duck hunt!!!!”  Really beautifully painted 8″ x 10″ oil on board that comes framed and with free shipping.  $300 from Anthony Pedr0.  His shop has some really stunning pieces.

I really have no idea what one would do with these, but they are cute and make me smile and hope they make you smile too!  From Cheezombie.
This can help you save for that rainy day!  Super cute piggy bank from Urban Antix.

And I saved the best for last, my favorites from the Spring 2012 Valentino show.
The whole thing is amazing and will make you smile so if you have a sec, check it out.

SERIOUSLY!  And the hair!  Love it, MWAH!

 So there you go, a mish mash of things to add to your awesome list.  Have a wicked killer Wednesday!