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Must Have Monday: Treggings


I posted awhile ago about how crazy women wear leggings as pants made me.  And then I heard from a friend (she saw them while visiting the UK) that they started to make these things called treggings (trousers + leggings.)  I instantly thought “nope.”  No way, these still don’t count as pants.

BUT, then it happened, I saw them in person and got a pair myself at H&M well 2.  (They seem very hard to find except in the UK and UK online shops, so I was surprised and delighted)  In my book, they count as pants and can be warn with a top that doesn’t cover the bootay.  And, they come in all sorts of colors and styles.


$50 & Below Favorites/ones that I could find online:

$14.99 Delia’s 

$34.95 New Look 

I pride myself in offering my readers many options for online shopping, but this trend seems to be a bit hard to find.  Anyone got a good source?  I got an orange and a royal blue pair from H&M so the funky colors are out there.  Share your secrets if you have any, please.

Also, I won’t avoid the elephant in the room.  Many still qualify these treggings as leggings (not me).  So let’s put a vote out there to see where we stand on this: fashion oo la la or faux pas.

And while we are at it, anymore thoughts on leggings?

Must Have Mondays: Layers


Ummm, yeah, it’s cold.  And how better to fight the chill then with great layering?  So put away those Uggs and sweats and keep it chic with these great additions.  All $50 and below.

Cable Knit over Button Down

 $45.45 ASOS

$29.90 Forever 21 

Leg Warmers over Tights

$40 Betsey Johnson 

$30 Mia Baggali

Scarves over Anything

$38 Nordstrom 

$44 the Spotted Fawn 

Hope this inspires to layer rather than lounge this winter.  Stay warm!

WAIT!  One more thing, something that has been driving me nuts.  First, I have to say that I am often wrong and make bad style choices and mistakes which is just part of taking fashion risks.  So you can choose to ignore me, obviously, but seriously ladies, leggings are not pants.  I thought the fad would fade, but I saw way too much booty this weekend to think it is true.  Big, small, short or tall, if you make the choice to wear leggings, make sure your top comes down below your cheeks (I know you think they aren’t see through but they are, I promise).  If you want to show it off, wear a tight skinny jean, or shorts with tights, anything but uncovered booty with leggings.

One more time, let’s say it together: leggings aren’t pants!

Fall Favorites: TIGHTS!


If I was stranded on a desert island and I could only bring 2 irrational items, they would be mascara and tights!  I love them.  One of the only two reasons I like it when it gets colder out(wearing scarves is the other).  So let me share some favorites I have seen:

From Left to Right:
1.Falke Color Block Tights in Blue and Black $39
2. Navajo Striped Tights $38
3. Print Leggings $28
4. Large Dogtooth Print Tights $14

AND THE BIG PIC: Black and Taupe Tie Dye – Psych Out Faux Thigh High $69
Normally, I wouldn’t spend more than $5 on tights (I have a way of snagging them before I even reach the front door), but these tights are a statement piece and totally worth the tag:  HANDMADE and MADE TO ORDER!!!  Found them in this great Etsy shop NorwegianWood.  Really rad leggings.

2 Questions of the day:
What’s your favorite way to wear tights?
Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever worn tights?

BSchmonz Answers:
1.Black tights and black shoes, with a bright-colored dresses.
2. Doubled up in freezing weather to a Canadian Football League Playoff game.  Booya!