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What’s new at Frequency Vintage: the oops addition


Okay, first I have to say, I did something bad.  I deleted all my illustrations that I have done for this blog.  They are gone forever =(.  Just letting you know if you were wondering why there are a ton of image gaps going back from this post.

So now the positive: Although I knew better, I wasn’t backing up images.  This is just a reminder of the importance of doing so.


Now onto the fun stuff:
new super retro accessories at Frequency Vintage,
all $50 and below.

$17.99 for these killer shades.  Really fun statement piece.

$24.99 for an extremely unique enameled vintage Mushroom Pendant Necklace. Super Psychedelic.

$16.99 for these great striped shades, super chic, wonderfully unique.

$15.99 for this delicate chain fringe vintage necklace.

I am loving all these pieces.  The shades are really getting me pumped for warmer weather.  Coming soon, more shades, more bags, and more DRESSES!!!

Great Red & Green Necklace Finds, $50 & Below


Just wanted to share with you a few great green and red necklaces that will add a bit of Christmas to your look,
without looking like an Old Navy ad. 
All $50 & below, all on Etsy.

22 GBP Nylon Sky

You seriously need to check out Nylon Sky.  Awesome pieces for very affordable prices, and cheap international shipping!

 $40 Apple & Ivy

$30 Future Heirloom Designs

 $40 Paper Felt

And if you are looking for some last minute holiday gift idea, Etsy is an amazing resource.  Something for everyone!