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What’s new at Frequency Vintage: the oops addition


Okay, first I have to say, I did something bad.  I deleted all my illustrations that I have done for this blog.  They are gone forever =(.  Just letting you know if you were wondering why there are a ton of image gaps going back from this post.

So now the positive: Although I knew better, I wasn’t backing up images.  This is just a reminder of the importance of doing so.


Now onto the fun stuff:
new super retro accessories at Frequency Vintage,
all $50 and below.

$17.99 for these killer shades.  Really fun statement piece.

$24.99 for an extremely unique enameled vintage Mushroom Pendant Necklace. Super Psychedelic.

$16.99 for these great striped shades, super chic, wonderfully unique.

$15.99 for this delicate chain fringe vintage necklace.

I am loving all these pieces.  The shades are really getting me pumped for warmer weather.  Coming soon, more shades, more bags, and more DRESSES!!!

Must have Monday: Mushrooms


It’s always super fun to have work when everyone else has the day off!  SIKE!
So to cheer myself up I made a happy Must have Monday Mellow Mushroom style.  Check it out:

Check out all these great handmade and vintage pieces in this “Treasury” on Etsy! 

Must Have Monday: Vintage Bags to Carry your Port/Resume


I went out to dinner with a friend this weekend who had the cutest vintage coach handbag that could perfectly fit an 8.5 x 11 without screaming “I’m on my way to an interview!!!” and went great with her hipster bar/dinner look.

I am all about having multi-functional pieces and must admit, this is one of the staples I am missing, a day bag that doubles as a briefcase.  I hate the looks of an actual brief case as much as carrying an almost big enough bag with papers sticking out the top.

So this MUST HAVE MONDAY is for all you chic chica’s on the job prowl.  And taking the tip from my friend, to keep it professional, it’s got to well made.  Best way to accomplish that and keep your budget in check is to go vintage.  Make sure to snatch these up, they don’t make them like this any more.  Carry your Port/Resume in a non-conventional way for $50 and Below:

$44.99 Frequency Vintage

14″x21″  Easy to slide in an 8.5″ x 11″ binder with room to spare.

$50 OmniaWears

Gorgeous bag 9.5″ x 11.5″.  Interior departments designed to slip your paper work.

$49.95 PoisonPuddingFaire

A bit more tradition, but the leather lining the suede adds a retro touch that add a little something extra to the simple style.  11″ x 16″

$45 Arstilo

Clean, chic, simple, tasteful.  Dress it up, dress it down.  Flat out a great, extremely versatile vintage bag.  10″ x 16″

What’s your interview to going out secret? 

Funky Friday: Leather Weather


Lovin’ the Leather everywhere on the Spring Runway.  It’s the perfect fabric for winter, so you don’t have to wait for this trend to come into season.  Layer and Funk up your look with these great leather finds.

Had to flash this one at you in case you missed yesterdays post. Kick it in this awesome vintage leather coat, $125 Frequency Vintage.

$50 & Below Funky Friday Leather

$39 Urban Outfitters 


$49 Kohls 

$32 Kristiana Rose



What’s New at Frequency Vintage


2 new dresses perfect for a tropical vacation.

No winter vacay would be complete without the perfect sundress! This would be great belted, necklaced or sandaled up!
Unique floral print on bold blues make this super comfy sun dress stand out!
Wide straps, stretchy along the top and it has a side split in the skirt.
$24.99 Frequency Vintage

Super fun strapless 80s Sundress. Elastic top and waist, and flared skirt make this super comfortable
and easy to wear. Great for a tropical vacation!
$29.99 Frequency Vintage

What’s New at Frequency Vintage


Frequency vintage keeps growing.  I posted 3 new items yesterday and shot a ton more.  Be on the look out for vintage leather and fur coats at FV.  But for today:

$19.99 1980’s Yellow Clutch 

$19.99  1960s Cutout Classic Pumps Size 8

$7.00 1980s Brown Twisted Belt

Funky Friday: Seeing Red (and Pink) and how to match your skin tone


Wearing red and pink can make you look like a walking valentine, but when I see someone make it super chic I am like “yeah!” Know what I’m saying?

Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli is one of those cases where I thought pink and red looked killer.

BUT, this pic topped as many worst dress lists as best.  What do you think?

The hit and miss factor is what makes a true FUNKY FRIDAY.  It takes some swagger to pull it off.

I used to be afraid of wearing red and pink because I thought they would wash me out.  As it turns out, red and pink are equal opportunity colors, but you need to be aware of what shades to wear with your skin tone season.

First things first, let’s identify your skin tone:

Complexion: blue
or pink undertones
Skin: pale white, yellowish-olive, or dark
Hair: generally brunettes but sometimes natural white-blondes fall in this category
Eyes: dark colored
Other hints:  a lot of contrast between hair color, eye color and skin tone, many Asians and African Americans fall into this  category

Complexion: cool blue or pink undertones
Skin: is pale, pink, porcelain white
Hair: natural blondes, pale skin brunettes
Other hints: low level contrast between eyes and hair

Complexion: golden
Skin: ruddy with orange tones
Hair: redheads and  brunettes
Eyes:  golden brown eyes
Other hints: a lot of depth to their coloring and a spicy, earth tone quality to their hair color, eye color, and skin tone. varied coloring – ranging from golden blondes to brunettes and black hair coloring.  Red-heads, excluding very fair auburn and strawberry blondes, are usually autumns. All red-heads are autumn or spring’s. Red-headed autumns often have porcelain white or very pale skin.

Complexion: golden undertones and are usually creamy  white or peach
Hair: straw-colored or strawberry red  hair,
Skin: freckles, rosy cheeks
Eyes: blue or green eyes
Other hints:  
natural golden blondes or auburn or strawberry blonde red-heads although very fair blue/ aqua eyed brunettes are sometimes spring

NOTE: It is often difficult to discern summer from winter, and autumn from spring. Remember that winters are usually brunettes while summers natural  blondes. Springs tend to have pale eyes while autumns have dark eyes.

Now that you have determined your season, what’s the best way for you to rock red and pink?
heck out your color matches and some great pairings for $50 and below.

$34.99 Frequency Vintage 

$49.95 Michael Antonio Anderson

$42 Michael Lauren 

$27.27 ASOS 

$32 Forever 21 

$30 Diesel 

 $20.99 Target

$38 Ralph Lauren 

So take a risk, get your FUNKY FRIDAY on and pair some blushing colors to make hearts throb.