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Funky Friday: Maxi Skirt


I am often fearful of spending my threads budget on trends, but when the piece is this versatile, you gotta go for it.  FUNKY FRIDAY, trend on, MAXI SKIRT!

“Maxi”mize the use

Step 1. Get a killer maxi skirt.

Step 2. Winterize: Pair it with a jacket, and keep your legs warm with tights and boots.

Step 3. Springize: Pair it with sandals and a long sleeve blouse or a tank for the warmer days.

Step 4. Keep it cool: Sandals and a tank should work on most summer days, especially with a lightweight maxi.  But if you want to style your skirt in a new way…

Pull it up: Make it a strapless dress by pulling it over your bust and cinching the waist with you favorite belt.  OR if your skirt doesn’t have an elastic waist, you could always shorten that hem turning the MAXI into a MINI.

If you want a shorter term commitment, put away the scissors and grab a few safety pins.  Take the hem on the bottom front of the skirt and pin it to the waist band on the inside of the skirt, add a few to either side to secure the weight.  Keep the rest of the sides down for the “oh so now” asymmetrical hem, long in the back short in the front.  This technique works best with lightweight fabric.  The heavier skirts will have to be saved for a cooler day.

Here are some great finds for $50 and below:

$32 My Universe 

$29.95 Free People 

$40 Top Shop

$29.80 Forever 21

$45 Gerald Chen

Do you have any styling tips for Funky Friday’s MAXI SKIRT?