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Must Have Monday: Treggings


I posted awhile ago about how crazy women wear leggings as pants made me.  And then I heard from a friend (she saw them while visiting the UK) that they started to make these things called treggings (trousers + leggings.)  I instantly thought “nope.”  No way, these still don’t count as pants.

BUT, then it happened, I saw them in person and got a pair myself at H&M well 2.  (They seem very hard to find except in the UK and UK online shops, so I was surprised and delighted)  In my book, they count as pants and can be warn with a top that doesn’t cover the bootay.  And, they come in all sorts of colors and styles.


$50 & Below Favorites/ones that I could find online:

$14.99 Delia’s 

$34.95 New Look 

I pride myself in offering my readers many options for online shopping, but this trend seems to be a bit hard to find.  Anyone got a good source?  I got an orange and a royal blue pair from H&M so the funky colors are out there.  Share your secrets if you have any, please.

Also, I won’t avoid the elephant in the room.  Many still qualify these treggings as leggings (not me).  So let’s put a vote out there to see where we stand on this: fashion oo la la or faux pas.

And while we are at it, anymore thoughts on leggings?

Perfect Pairs for the Perfect LBD


Got that perfect little black dress that needs an extra little something? 
Here are some great ways to style that dress for all of your holiday parties.  
All pieces $50 and Below!

BAG: $38.40 Global Elements
SHOES: $49 Michael Antonio

SHOES: $17.48 Target
CLUTCH: $43.51 April and Me

SHOES: $44.95 Fergalicious
CLUTCH: $32.00 TopShop

SHOES: $45 Endless
CLUTCH: $24 Kooter and Flos


 SHOES: $37.50 Endless
CLUTCH: $37.60 Panache

SHOES: $14.99 Charlotte Russe
CLUTCH: $35.00 Nangates Design


SHOES: $24.99 Rocket Dog
CLUTCH: $39.95 Lulu Townsend

BAG: $21.99 Tillys 
SHOES: $35.50 Charlotte Russe


SHOES: $45.00 TUK
CLUTCH:  $45.00 Bag Boy

HELP! Mandy needs to finish her look


“Did I do it? Did I make an outfit that looks grown up ish?” – Mandy

That was the start to the email I got the other day from my friend Mandy, with the attached picture.  She often says how she doesn’t know how to dress herself, but I disagree.  She just hasn’t found her personal style yet.  She is fun, confident and willing to try all sorts of thing which gives her a great foundation on her road to standout style.

I think this is a great start but we can really help define the look.  Here are two ways that she could add 4 things complete her casual day look.


Teal Sweater: Urban Outfitters $49

Umberella Necklace: Mod Cloth $19.99

Brown Clutch: Zappos $50

Pink Flats: Diesel $52.39


Two Tone Sweater: American Apparel $40

Red Scarf: Nordstrom $24

Black Shoulder Bag: Ickady Bag $37

Black Boots: Free People $199

So there you have it Mandy, two ways to take your look to the next level.  Help her choose which way to go: